Welcome to No Kidding. My name is Emma. I am a 32 year old woman living in Scotland. I am married to a brilliant and funny man and have two rescue greyhounds. I work full time as a Doctor for the NHS.

I created this blog after many months of deliberation, but not having the confidence to go through with it. For many years I have known I do not want to have children. After getting married, turning 30, and many of my friends and peers starting their families, the decision about whether to join in or not became consuming. I started to feel isolated and peripheral, and I wrestled with my choice almost on a daily basis.

That’s when I started to search for blogs, podcasts and books about being “childfree”. I sought these out in order to make myself feel less alone in my decision, and to hear women speak about their experiences-all unique and yet familiar. As brilliant as these resources were, almost of them were created by women based in America. I really wanted to hear from childfree women within the UK. I suspect there is less available because the “childfree” movement was originally coined by Americans, and us Brits don’t analyse or vocalise our private thoughts and feelings as openly as our transatlantic friends.

So I thought, “stop waiting for someone else!” I have always enjoyed reading and writing, and needed a way to make sense of my situation. My marriage, friendships, and position in society were all changing-some for better, some for worse. Writing could help me make sense of some of it.

Don’t worry, it won’t all be serious. I will also be writing about my dogs, my job and the unique insight into people it allows me, travel, and whatever takes my fancy.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing from you.