Childfree Weekends

I thought I’d do an upbeat post about my weekend. For me the biggest benefit of being childfree is the weekends. My working week is exhausting. I work about 44 hours over 4 days as a Primary Care doctor in a large practice serving a deprived population with a high prevalence of ill health, drug and alcohol abuse, and elderly. Two days out of that week I try to go to the gym before work, which involves getting up at 5.30am….I is not a morning person!! My working week is sleep, work, eat, repeat, so I really like to try and get a balance at the weekends. I try to catch up on my sleep but also have some fun too! I love that the most responsibility I have at the weekend is caring for my two rescue greyhounds.

As a side note, I really do admire parents who balance their busy working weeks around childcare, doing homework, school events and clubs. I genuinely have no idea where they get the time or the energy. I’d be a zombie.

This weekend was a bit different as my husband was working, so it was just me and doggos Bobby and Lucy.


On Friday night I went to the pub with a work colleague for a couple of beers then got a reasonably early night. I was up bright and early to go to a ladies weight lifting club at 9am the next morning, It was only my second visit but I’m really enjoying it. It’s just a small group of girls looking to get fit and learn how to weight train. We have a proper giggle on Saturday morning and once I’ve finished it’s only 10am and I’ve already done my work out! Home for a hot shower then straight back out for a dog walk.


I take them to my favourite country park and I listen to a Podcast called The Reproductive Left. This is a really cool site and has a bit of a medical slant which I obviously find interesting. Feeling cold but refreshed I head home and then head back out to get my hair cut and have a wander. I pick up some candles and small Christmas presents to have on stand by in case I forget anyone!

After getting my hair done, spending the hour or so reading trashy magazines and drinking tea, I head home. We live in an old house with high ceilings and large windows. It’s our first winter in the house and it is bloody FREEZING! I stick the fire on and huddle under a blanket until N gets home.

N is oncall, so I open a bottle of red and have a couple of glasses while we have a TV dinner and catch up on netflix. We are watching Line of Duty – I’m a sucker for a good crime drama.



I’m pretty knackered so I head to bed before midnight and don’t wake up until 08.30. Bliss. I get up and meet my friend at the dog park with her Springer Spaniel Archie. It’s baltic (translation: Northern Irish for cold!) so we don’t stay out long, but I think you will agree from the photo, the views were stunning! We head back to the city and get lunch then go to the local park to tire out the dogs.

After my friend heads home I just get some essentials in then settle down to write this post with a pot of tea. N and I are off to Holland next weekend so no need to do a big shop. I can’t wait to blog about our trip away. We are going to Rotterdam and Amsterdam – places I have been before and love so I am looking forward to sharing my tips!

Pretty quiet weekend all in all, just what I needed. Normally if N is off it features quite alot more booze….!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to grab the week ahead by the horns!





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